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In Memory of Genesee Bob (aka Big Belly aka Bob DeVisser)

Genesee Bob (formerly Big Belly), aka Bob DeVisser, was a founding member of The Long Riders and served on the Vile Bunch (The Long Riders board of directors).

In addition to Cowboy Action Shooting, he was also a North-South Skirmisher and member of the Mendon Conservative League, the recipient of a Long Riders contribution in his memory.

News from The Vile Bunch

Greetings ,


We are finally closing out the 2021 year with some changes.  By the time you read this email, our website will be refreshed, mostly due to the transition to the new hosting company from earlier this year and new application for The Long Riders membership.


Although the relationship with the Shortsville Rod & Gun Club is excellent at this time, it always helps when we have members join to help represent us!  Please consider joining (2022 Shortsville Membership Application) our host range.


The new website, along with the new Long Riders Membership Application (2022 Long Riders - Membership Application) is ready.  Although the webmistress tested it thoroughly, she cannot test every user's PC/Mac/Device. If you have any issues, please contact the Trail Boss.


By the way, you will get a reduced monthly shooting fee, if you join Shortsville OR The Long Riders ($10/month) and even more if you join BOTH ($5/month).



The Vile Bunch

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