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2022 Long Riders - Membership Applications

Why should you join Long Riders?


  1. Help the club pay expenses
  2. Help the club buy new targets
  3. Help the club buy/build new props
  4. Support a GUN organization


The new Long Riders Membership Application is here:

2022 Long Riders - Membership Application

It helps when we have Long Riders as members of the host club, so please consider joining using this application:


2022 Shortsville Membership Application


If you join Shortsville OR The Long Riders, the monthly shoot fee is $10 and if you join BOTH it is $5.

News from The Vile Bunch

Greetings ,


This is just a reminder that our Annual Membership meeting is Saturday, March 26th from 10 AM - 12 PM (approximately).


Why should you attend?


  1. Elect/re-elect officers
  2. Find out how the club did in 2021
  3. Help plan the 2022 season
  4. Plan the 3-Day Shoot for July 22 - 24th
  5. See old friends and make new ones


Remember, this is YOUR club and only YOU can make it GREAT AGAIN!


The Vile Bunch

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