August Event and 3-Day Results
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Cowboy Action Shootin'

PLEASE NOTE - the August shoot was MOVED to Sunday, August 21st!  Registration and setup start at 8 AM.


We will be including Pocket Pistol and Derringer in the optional Long Range stage for your shootin' pleasure!

News from The Vile Bunch

Greetings ,


We had a HOT, but enjoyable 3-Day shoot.  The Vile Bunch would like to thank Cactus Jack and his assistant Nawlins Kid for creating some great stages for us to shoot!  Also, special thank you to Sheamus for corralling some additional 3-Day Sponsors this year!  Our shutterbug Preskit Compadre also did a great job with Posse Pictures and some videos.  See the links in the "3-Day Results" section below.


Speaking of results, all the Long Riders scores, including the 3-Day scores are ALL caught up.  See the links below or go to the website directly to review the outcome.


Although everyone was a "winner", the special winners were William Clemons (pre-sold 1911 tickets) and Duelin' Dawn (the 3-Day Henry Golden Boy raffle)!


We hope ALL had a BLAST and see ya next year for the 3-Day or later this month for the August shoot!


The Vile Bunch

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3-Day Results
Clean Shooters
Kester Road Kid
Top in Class
1T William Clemons
2D Shotgun Ron
2GS Lost Rider
2T Slim Chance Chris
DD Nawlins Kid
GF Montague Kid
WBM Jake Yoes

Match Results - 3-Day

Long Range Results - 3-Day

Cowboy Carnival Results - 3-Day


3-Day Posse Pictures

3-Day Videos

June Scores

Match Results - June

Long Range Results - June

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Scenarios are always here:


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