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Greetings ,


The Vile Bunch would like to ENCOURAGE people to take the Range Officer (RO) training class (see below for details)!


If you would like to attend and are a member of The Long Riders, we will SUBSIDIZE the fee.  So, the cost to you would be:


  • New:     $15
  • Renew:  $5

Please contact L.P.L. and Nawlins ASAP (see below for details)!


The Vile Bunch

SASS RO I Course - Oct 15 at Holley R&GC
  • Date:  Saturday, October 15 at 9 AM
  • Location:  Holley R&GC
  • Cost
    • New:     $15
    • Renew:  $5

SASS certified safety courses are essential to the education and safety of all participants at any skill level in Cowboy Action Shooting™.  At a minimum, all competitors should attend RO I to ensure the understanding of all SASS safety covenants and basic rules of the game.  RO refreshers are also important as SASS rules change every year.

Pre-registration is required so Loco Poco Lobo and Nawlins Kid can order the appropriate RO I pins and refresher chevrons.  Contact us at to sign-up as EITHER new or renewal.

Student Homework before Class:

Please read the latest SASS Shooter's Handbook and Shooter's ROI Course BEFORE class.  Here are the links:

  1. SASS Shooter's Handbook:
  2. SASS Shooter's ROI Course:

Please bring to the class:

  1. Writing utensil(s) and paper for notes
  2. A copy of the Shooter’s handbook
  3. New or renewal money (we must pay SASS for the RO pins)

We hope to see you there!

Loco Poco Lobo & Nawlins Kid

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