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2023 Long Riders - Membership Applications

The Long Riders Membership Application is here (in case you forgot):

2023 Long Riders - Membership Application

It helps when we have Long Riders as members of the host club, so please consider joining using this application:


2023 Shortsville Membership Application


If you join Shortsville OR The Long Riders, the monthly shoot fee is $10 and if you join BOTH it is $5.

News from The Vile Bunch

Greetings ,


Are you ready to start 2023 off with a BANG?  Spring has sprung and for a while it seemed like we were already headed into summer the last few days.  The trees are budding, the grass is growing, and it is time to think about gardens.  BUT wait!  There are some critters showing up and you haven't even planted those carrot seeds yet!  Help your club take care of some WABBIT business at the Shortsville Rod & Gun Club on Sunday, April 23rd!


As always, we will shoot 3 stages and Long Range.  Then we will tear-down and head to the clubhouse for some tasty homemade vittles that everyone will bring - no rabbit though, although they are TASTY!


So, don't forget your ammo, guns, boots, hat, gun rigs, holsters, gun carts AND dish to pass!


IF there is inclement weather, we have a NEW agreement with Shortsville and WILL hold a shoot.  We may have to ferry people/guns/ammo from the clubhouse parking lot down to the pavilion, so plan to stop by the clubhouse if the weather is wacky!


PS - Please print, fill out, and bring the Shooting waiver to the shoot.  The waiver is here: Waiver



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Bring a Dish to Pass!


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