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2024 Long Riders - Membership Applications

Why should you join Long Riders:

  1. Help the club pay expenses
  2. Help the club buy new targets
  3. Help the club buy/build new props
  4. Support a GUN organization


The Long Riders Membership Application is here:

Long Riders - Membership Application

It helps when we have Long Riders as members of the host club, so please consider joining Shortsville too!


Shortsville Membership Application


If you join Shortsville OR The Long Riders, the monthly shoot fee is $10 and if you join BOTH it is $5.

News from The Vile Bunch

Greetings ,


We are getting ready to start 2024.  The Annual Long Riders Meeting is where you elect/re-elect officers and help us plan the year.  Make your vote count, but you MUST be present to vote (no mail-ins allowed).


The Annual Meeting will be held at 9 AM on Saturday, March 23 at 10 AM.  Please bring yourself and ideas for the 2024 shooting season!


Also, please mark your calendars for Friday, July 26 - Sunday July 28 (Thursday July 25 for setup) for the Long Riders Annual 3-Day July Jamboree!


We are always looking for FRESH ideas to "beef" up our 3-Day, so if you are unable to make the meeting, please contact us with any ideas.


Remember, this is YOUR club and YOU can keep it





The Vile Bunch

2024 Schedule
2024 Schedule
For Sale

Contact Nawlins Kid at

Description Qty Price
38-40 Caliber used brass 234 $.30 each
38-40 Caliber 185 grain lead bullets 500 per box; 3 boxes available $40 per box
32-20 Caliber used brass 349 $.15 each
32-20 Caliber Lyman 115 Grain Bullet Mold - Used 1 $50
Lead Wheel Weights A LOT $.60 per pound

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