June 24 AND June 25th Event
The Long Riders The Long Riders
Cowboy Action Shootin'
CORRECTION - Sat Jun-24 9AM - SRGC Work Party

PLEASE try to support your club by WORKING on the range on Saturday, June 24th at 9AM!


There will be jobs for people of all capabilities.  If you can bring some power tools, hammers, etc. that would be appreciated.


Pizza, soda, water, and doughnuts will be provided.

Long Riders - 2023 July Jamboree

We are prepping for some "Bad Guys (bad gals too)".  We hope you are getting ready too, so sign-up!


Sheamus, our 3-Day Chair, is doing a bang-up job soliciting businesses for donations!  Here are the vendors/sponsors so far:

July Jamboree Vendors/Sponsors
Benemy Welding & Fabrication
Crossman/Velocity Outdoors
Heaven Hill - Bourbon Basket
LPL Bullets
On Target
Pete's Stock Works
White's Farm Market

Wagon Ho (aka Mrs. Montague Kid) says NO to inflation and will still put on a sumptuous smorgasbord to salivate over!


The form is available on our website here:

3-Day Application – July Jamboree

So, send in your application and check today, then mark your calendars for July 21 - 23.  See you there!

News from The Vile Bunch

Hello ,


The prep for the 3-Day July Jamboree is in full force.  This month we have a day scheduled to clean-up, work on props, spruce up the range, etc. for the Annual Match.


PLEASE try to support your club by WORKING on the range on Saturday, June 24th!


Last month, we had 23 shooters.  We hope to see more shooters at the Shortsville Rod & Gun Club on Sunday, June 25th!



The Vile Bunch

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