The Long Riders 2023 3-Day July Jamboree
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Long Riders - 2023 July Jamboree

The 3-Day July Jamboree preparation is complete. You have 1 last chance to sign-up for the "Bad Guys (bad gals too)".  The deadline is Thursday morning, but dinners may NOT be available.


Sheamus, our 3-Day Chair, did a bang-up job soliciting businesses for donations!  Here are the vendors/sponsors who donated:

July Jamboree Vendors/Sponsors
Benemy Welding & Fabrication
Crosman/Velocity Outdoors*
FLX Outdoors
Heaven Hill
LPL Bullets
On Target
Pete's Stock Works
Prey Targets
White's Farm Market


* Main Match Sponsor

Wagon Ho (aka Mrs. Montague Kid) will be slaving over a sumptuous smorgasbord, but it will only be available to paying guests!  Tickets are in SHORT supply!


The form is STILL available on our website here:

3-Day Application – July Jamboree

See you there!

News from The Vile Bunch

Hello ,


Are you ready for the Long Riders' 3-Day July Jamboree?  We have some exciting prizes donated by generous sponsors!  We also still welcome raffle items from our shoot attendees too.


The scenarios for the 3-Day have been posted are are available here:


2023 3-Day July Jamboree - Bad Guys


Our setup day is Thursday, July 20th, starting at 9AM.  We will have refreshments and pizza for lunch for the workers.


The Carnival Day (side matches) will start at approximately 11 AM on Friday.  Check-in times for the Saturday and Sunday main match will be at 8AM.


See you soon!


The Vile Bunch

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