Sep 24 Event
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Cowboy Action Shootin'

If anyone has a trailer they could bring on Sunday to move targets, the Vile Bunch would appreciate it!

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Hello ,


We plan to try out a NEW 22 target that Preskit Compadre's brother-in-law donated to the club.  Please bring a .22 rifle out to "play along".  If the weather permits and someone has a trailer, we will also hang the long range targets.


If you are interested in helping the club AND the Vile Bunch, we could use some people to draft or write some scenarios.  You do not need to be Mark Twain, but have some time to research old west stories or make 'em up!


We hope to see you at the Shortsville Rod & Gun Club on Sunday, September 24th at 8 AM.



The Vile Bunch

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If interested or have questions, call John at (585) 820-5135.

Dillon Square Deal B progressive mounted on a Midway stand. It is set up for 9mm and includes: Midway case tumbler. Dillon primer flip tray, large and small primer pick up tubes $400
Lyman D7 scale including: Lyman #55 powder measure, Bonanza auto primer press and Lee powder measure kit $75
Mec 600 Jr. 12 gauge shotshell reloader $125
(2) Lee Loader for 12 gauge reloading kits $75
(4) RCBS shell holders size: 3, 6, 16 & 30 $20

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